Dental Floss 2X Daily

Brushing your teeth with a soft bristle toothbrush can only go so far in removing the food and plaque build on your teeth. Brushing cleans the majority of the tooth surface and the gum-line, but it is not very good at getting in between your teeth. Dental flossing is what enables you to get between your teeth and gently dislodge bits of food as well as wiping off the plaque build up.   Continue reading

Free Children’s Books

It makes me very happy when I have a chance to help children not only to have a healthy confident smiles, but also to enable them to have bright imaginative minds.  Through a generous donation of gently used children’s books, my office will be giving away free books for children in pre-school and elementary school while the supply lasts.   Continue reading

The Hidden Dangers of Energy Drinks

A glass of clean water

Sports and energy drink companies are masters at marketing. They are so good that make you believe that drinking sports and energy drinks improve your athletic performance, give you a competitive edge, and can make you look “cool.” One side effect they are not telling you about is that if you develop an energy drink habit you are likely to be spending more time in the dental chair.  Continue reading

Candy: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We all love it.  Candy is so sweet that every person, regardless of their age enjoys eating it. It makes our mouths water, gets us an instant sugar-rush pick me up, and makes us feel good.  Unfortunately, too many sweets and the wrong kind of sweets can set us up for developing cavities in our teeth.  I know that it is unrealistic to expect everyone to stop eating candy,  but you can make smart choices Continue reading

The Right Dentist. The Right Smile

It is my experience that providing high quality dental services is much more than getting the job done as defined by insurance policy guidelines.  It requires taking the time to educate you about the options that are available and to have you proactively involve in making decisions about your treatment. Continue reading