Family Dentistry

Dr. Bakken focuses his practice on maintaining the oral health of a broad range of people, from infants to seniors. He is a family dentist who cares for your entire family by performing a variety of dental procedures and referring patients to specialists for treatment of specific problems when needed.

Dr Bakken and his staff also educates patients about proper dental hygiene, helps to prevent tooth decay through regular cleanings and checkups, and diagnoses problems via dental exams and X-rays. He and his staff are your partner in maintaining good oral health.

Your Family Dental Needs Change Overtime

Each member of your family has unique dental needs that change as they age. At at each stage of development, the dental care your family needs will have to adjusted to meet the changing needs. Dr. Bakken can address these individual needs while working to ensure good oral hygiene for your whole family.


PrenatalBe sure to let Dr. Bakken know you’re pregnant when you schedule your appointment.  If you need to schedule an emergency visit, let the office know about your pregnancy before you arrive. Discuss any stresses, past miscarriages and drugs you are taking as these can will influence Dr. Bakken’s decisions on how to best attend to your needs.

Early Childhood (Infant and Toddlers)

Brushing teeth is funDental cavities are the most common childhood oral health disease and they are easily preventable. Early childhood decay is caused when babies are put to spell with a bottle filled with milk, formula, juice, or other drinks that contain sugar. It can also happen when babies fall asleep while nursing because breast milk contains natural sugars.


Your child’s oral health changes rapidly over the next 10 years. All of their baby teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth.  Most children are excited and proud when they lose a tooth. It is an important milestone in their lives that deserves to be celebrated. As your child’s adult teeth come in it is especially important to pay close attention to their dental care and nutrition. Childhood cavities are completely preventable, but your child can not accomplish this without your help.


smiling teen square Teens are especially self-conscious about their smile. Having a healthy attractive smile builds a teenagers self-confidence and contributes to their having a positive self-image.
The teenage years are a time of transition that introduces your child to a number of adult behaviors that can be harmful to their teeth: Drinking energy drinks, smoking, recreational drug use, eating disorder such as bulimia, and eating large amounts of high sugar foods.

Young Adults (19 to 30 years)

young manAs a young adult you are transitioning into being fully responsible for the long-term care of your teeth.  The decisions that you are making today will impact the types of dental problems that you will experience throughout your life.  It is much more than having a bright and confident smile, it is about proactively preventing dental disease such as oral cancer, gum disease, tooth loss.

Adults (30 to 65 years)

Middle Aged WomanDuring your adult years, your oral health may change dramatically overtime.  This is due to the combination of your personal oral hygiene, the natural changes in your body, and the impact that common medications have on your oral health.


Smiling Senior Lady As you enter into your senior years, your lifetime of dental care and oral health are very evident in your smile. Each person is unique, and at this stage in your life it is important that Dr. Bakken spends time with you to understand your unique needs and what you approach you want to take in addressing your dental needs.