Seniors (65 +)

Smiling Senior Lady As you enter into your senior years, your lifetime of dental care and oral health are very evident in your smile. Each person is unique, and at this stage in your life it is important that Dr. Bakken spends time with you to understand your unique needs and what you approach you want to take in addressing your dental needs.


As you age, it is common to see an acceleration of oral health problems, and you be experiencing a loss in gum and bone tissue, as well as losing your permanent teeth. Cavities around the tooth root and around old filings become more common. It is also possible that you are experiencing dry mouth due to your salivary glands not working properly due to declining function as well as a side effect of medications.


This is a time when you may need to be seeing Dr. Bakken more frequently than twice a year inorder to adequately address your oral health problems. At a minimum, you should schedule a visit every six months for professional cleaning and checkups. It is important to keep Dr. Bakken updated on your health and the medications that you are taking as these factors will impact the options he gives you for managing your oral health. He may recommend the use of crowns, bridges, implants, partial or full dentures to address your dental needs. Dr Bakken may refer you to see a periodontist or endodontist to treat advance gum disease and root cancel problems.


Continue to brush your teeth twice a day and to floss daily. Arthritis may make it difficult to do this adequately, and you may need to ask for assistance with this task. Drink lots of water and avoid sweets, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine as these contribute having a dry mouth.






Seniors need special care to manage the decline of oral health that often accompanies aging. Call (541) 289-1020 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Bakken today.